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How to Illuminate Yourself

Want to shine bright like a diamond? The fashion label MOON Berlin wants you to. By integrating light-emitting components into fabrics, they create one-of-a-kind textures and effects. Founder, Christian Bruns, has been interested in this idea since the early 2000s. Here’s what he told us about illuminating fabrics, creating “elegant” wearable tech, and the future of fashion.

How is the technology embedded in the fabric? Does the garment otherwise function as normal clothing?

It is very important to us that the light is a plus on the garment and not the only reason to wear it. During the design process, we must also think about all other aspects of the garment.

What was your recent collection about?

It was a look back on the whole history of the brand MOON Berlin and a look into our future collections. We wanted to present a complete overview of our understanding of elegant wearable tech.

You're in the industry of "fast-moving" fashion tech and, yet, you also focus on products that are "long-lasting." How do you balance the two?

We believe in quality; something that is missing a lot in our fast time where everything is just for the moment. With decreasing resources and growing numbers of people, the fashion and electronics industries won’t be able to deliver as many products during the next few decades as they are now able to.

What does "intelligent sustainability" mean to you? Why is it important to you as part of your mission statement?

Intelligent sustainability doesn't just mean eco-friendly garments and ways of production. Technique can help us to be more sustainable. But the most important aspect of intelligent sustainability will also be the hardest for us – less overall consumption.

What can we expect from Moon Berlin in the future? What do you see as the future of fashion?

The future of fashion won’t be as futuristic as we may think. The fashion industry is very slow when it comes to real innovation.

Image from IBM-360Fashion & Tech "Startup Runway & Innovation Awards"
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