Seller FAQs

Who can sell on Queen of Raw?

Suppliers, stockists, manufacturers, and distributors of fabrics and other materials & supplies for designers can be sellers on Queen of Raw.

How long are my products listed for?

Products can be listed indefinitely, as long as you are be able to fulfill the order at any time, keep your inventory up to date, and adhere to Queen of Raw’s Terms of Service, including the section entitled “Responsibilities of Sellers.”

Is there a limit to how many products I can list?

There is no limit to how many products or quantity of each product you may list. However, Queen of Raw reserves the right to impose limits if the amount of products listed reaches an inappropriate or unfair level.

Does it cost to join?

No. It is completely free to join Queen of Raw.

Does it cost to list my products?

No. It is completely free to list your products on Queen of Raw.

How do the fees work?

We have implemented a commission fee structure upon your sale total. Please note that payments are made via Paypal or, so our commission does not include any Paypal or fees which you may receive.

When do I receive payment for my sales?

Payment will be sent to you soon after the customer has made payment and you have confirmed delivery.

Can customers request for an order cancellation, product return, or refund?

It is completely up to you whether to allow order cancellations, returns, or refunds. Please ensure you clearly outline and update your policies on your Queen of Raw supplier page and on your own website.

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