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Your Biggest Sourcing Problems, Solved

Long lead times? Check. Huge minimum orders? Check. Exorbitant shipping costs? Check. If these are your struggles when sourcing raw materials, then 3D Printing is for you. And you can finally get your hands on it for your collection.

What the x#$% is 3D Printing?

3D Printing starts with a "CAD" file which is basically just a digital drawing of an object. A 3D Printer reads this file and then builds the object by laying down material layer by layer until the entire piece is complete. Think of a multi-layer cake, with the baker laying down each layer one at a time until the entire cake is formed.

Still confused? We made a quick video of 3D Printing in action HERE.

So what does 3D Printing have to do with fashion?

With 3D Printing, you can now source materials that have short lead times, local production, and low minimums. What does this mean? Rapid prototyping. Quick sample making. Small lot production. And reduced time-to-market. Sound good? As an added benefit, the manufacturing technology is not only fast but environmentally-friendly.

Want to create your own 3D Printed objects?

With 3D Printing, you are no longer limited to what is in stock--but only by what you can imagine!

Check out the Heisel x Queen of Raw 3D Printing collection for your designs HERE. Just choose, customize, and print!

3D Printing is set to be a game changer for your next collection.

Quick 3D Printing Resources:
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