How It Works


  • No membership fees or listing fees

  • Payment is made to you quickly and easily

  • Simply manage your products, inventory, and orders from our seller admin panel

  • Receive ongoing marketing and promotion

  • Get relevant tools, analytics, and industry advice

How It Works

1. Set Up

As a registered seller on Queen of Raw, you can access our seller admin panel where you can:

  • edit your profile,

  • list your items for free, and

  • manage your orders.

2. Orders

Customers can browse your products, place their orders through Queen of Raw, and make payment. You will be able to view your customers’ order details in your seller admin panel.

3. Payment

Payment is made to you quickly and easily, minus Queen of Raw’s commission.

4. Delivery

You ship the product straight to the customer using Queen of Raw labels.

5. Arrival

Customer receives their order.