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Turning the world's pollution into profit

Because today more than $288 billion of excess inventory sits in warehouses. Now you can take action globally with a click!

Excess inventory sits in warehouses collecting dust or ends up burned or buried. This causes environmental and financial harm. So we built the solution, starting with a marketplace to monetize waste while keeping it in circulation. Now our excess inventory management software, called "Materia MX," powers Fortune 500 enterprises so they can manage complex waste streams around the world all in one place. Get started on Day 1 and take action!

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About Queen of Raw
Saved 1 billion gallons of water
From raw materials to finished goods, across industries and around the world, we got you covered.

And we've already saved over
1 billion gallons of water doing it.

Named a "frontrunner in the circular economy" by Christian Klein, CEO of SAP, we have the support of the United Nations, World Economic Forum, Barclays, UPS, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Accenture, U.S. Department of State, NYCEDC, and the European Union. We are your partner to help you lead in the transition to a circular economy. "I really was compelled by Queen of Raw and what they're trying to do in terms of leveraging waste and incorporating that back into the industry that we all operate in." - Noel Kinder, Chief Sustainability Officer, Nike


  • Act on Excess Inventory Globally:

    We offer integrated reuse, resale, and recycling operations so you can act on excess inventory. And we take care of everything for you. This includes payment processing and fully automated international logistics. Because waste is not just environmentally irresponsible, it's a CFO issue.

    Save 30%+ on operational, technology, and inventory holding costs, backed by a record and proof of your actions.

  • Reduce Waste & GHG Emissions:

    Centralizing and syncing data allows you to get the most value out of your unused inventory (raw materials and finished goods) while reducing waste and GHG emissions. Integrated into your existing business practices, we give you more transparency and control over your supply chain in real time.

    Leverage our global network as well as your existing partners to limit waste profitably and responsibly.

  • Visualize Measurable Results:

    See 3x the conversion rate by measuring and communicating impact. Developed with the support of MIT Solve, our impact footprint reporting tool allows you to track your progress, in line with goals and established science-based standards, and be rewarded for making better choices for the planet.

    Measure the water, chemicals, carbon emissions, waste, and dollars saved with automated ESG reporting.