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The Future of Fashion Is A World With No Clothes

Queen of Raw Co-Founder & CEO, Stephanie Benedetto

What is the future of fashion?

Stephanie: The future of fashion is a world with no clothes…at least not clothes in the traditional sense. Imagine people being able to design custom clothes to their exact specification and style on their computer, tablet, or phone, send the designs to a hotel halfway around the world, and then fly to that destination with no suitcase. After arriving there, they find all the clothes are 3D printed in their closet. When their travels are over, they leave everything behind to be broken down into raw materials and then redistributed to the next person. That is the future of fashion and Queen of Raw wants to get you there.

Trend Forecaster, Concept Designer, and Brand Strategist, Gemma Gambee

What are your thoughts about fashion and technology? How do you see those two things merging and/or not merging in the future?

Gemma: There is always going to be a duality between the desire for high tech experiences and just wanting to be un-plugged. Technology is great when it provides opportunities to engage with each other in new ways, but I believe that when technology interferes with the 'organic-ness' of life, that's often when we reject it. For example, with wearable tech, it's great when that technology allows us to be more engaged and in touch on a really natural level. But if, for instance, wearable technology is constantly bombarding or alerting us with text messages and tying us to even more technology instead of back to our own relationships and environments, I think that is when we can really start to dislike it.

360Fashion Network Founder, Anina

Any technology trends you are predicting for the future?

Anina: in 2016 we will invest in supporting fashion designers with more great technology and the first way we are doing this is with the 360Fashion Kit..a Kickstarter kit for designers to make their own motion detection, LED clothing...We are also focusing heavily on virtual reality and how it can be applied to fashion.
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