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Monthly Archives: June 2022

  1. Why Shouldn’t Your Sustainability Efforts Demonstrate Profitability + A Commitment to the Environment?

    1. Turning Challenges Into Gains

    Excess inventory problems and related supply chain inefficiencies have escalated amidst the pandemic. This has caused chaos and business losses across industries and around the world. At the same time, pressure to increase environmental regulations and improve sustainability efforts continue to grow in the face of the climate crisis. The two are not only related, but complement one another. You can solve both problems and improve your business' bottom line just by being more sustainable. One of the biggest concerns in implementing sustainable practices is the belief that the associated costs are prohibitive. In reality, when done correctly, the returns from being sustainable increase your profitability and improve your business financially.

    2. Recognizing Hidden Costs

    Let's take, f

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  2. Decarbonization Tech That Boosts Your Company's Bottom Line

    Solving the climate crisis requires big ideas that are (1) financially rewarding to all stakeholders and (2) easily automated and scaled across global infrastructures. That's why we released our flagship enterprise software, MATERIA MX. It leverages our award-winning blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies to harness the insights from our work and power Fortune 500 customers across industries.

    Queen of Raw Co-Founder, Phil Derasmo, built MATERIA MX from the ground up based on his experience:

    *building real life environmental solutions with engineers and scientists at the Department of Environmental Protection

    *serving millions of users in customer-facing applications at Citigroup grounded in industry best practices and innovative sales platform frameworks

    *developing secure infr

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