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Who Is The Queen of Raw?

You’ve finished sourcing, sampling, showing, manufacturing, and distributing. First of all, CONGRATS. Second, you may be wondering what to do with your dead stock fabrics.

The bottom line is you’re sitting on valuable materials, whether sustainability is a focus of yours or not. To improve your bottom line, add resale as a revenue stream to your business by joining the growing popularity of e-commerce sourcing.

As sustainability and zero waste transparency become increasingly important to your customers, it’s valuable to a brand to show how they are keeping excess fabrics out of the trash. Over $100 billion dollars worth of unused dead stock fabrics are sitting in factories around the world, from scraps to rolls, taking up space and awaiting their end (either buried or burned).

So we created Queen of Raw to make you money, save the world, and help you create some beautiful, mind-blowing garments.

How does it work? Simple.

Photograph each style of fabric that you’d like to move and don’t forget that scraps are just as valuable as larger slices of fabric: zero waste has motivated many designers to create exclusively with scraps.

Set a price per yard or price per unit for each style. Remember this is excess stock: to incentivize other designers to purchase quickly you want to offer these materials for about 40%-60% off the retail price.

Queen of Raw uploads, publishes, and pushes out each new supplier’s stock via custom campaigns to designers looking for those specific kinds of textiles.

When you get an order, print the shipping label (paid for by your customer) and send it out. Cash. Your. Check.

It’s that easy. No more excuses. Help us save the planet and put bucks back into your business.

Join for free today HERE!

xoxo The Queen

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