Launching the No-Code and On-Chain Impact Footprint Reporting Tool

Introduced by Queen of Raw

Developed with the Support of Solve Innovation Future

MIT Solve’s Groundbreaking Philanthropic Venture Fund

The Impact Footprint Reporting Tool advances the new sustainability tech democracy – making a positive environmental and economic impact, while ensuring circular commerce is accessible for all.

What We Measure

Announcing the World's First

Direct-to-consumer, no-code, mobile-first impact reporting tool

The Impact Footprint Reporting Tool helps customers make informed, sustainable choices when making e-commerce purchases using proprietary impact-analysis technology. All data is secured by Queen of Raw’s Raw Chain blockchain and powered by Queen of Raw's Materia MX software in the cloud. The impact reporting tool is also available to companies as a white-labeled offering, with a single sign on for ease of use.

Queen of Raw’s top priority is the democratization of sustainability technology. It allows buyers, sellers, and consumers to measure impact and make better decisions in e-commerce, track their progress, and get rewarded for supporting the planet. “The Impact Footprint Reporting Tool empowers all participants across the supply chain in real time,” said Phil Derasmo, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Queen of Raw. “Removing any guesswork and keeping track of environmental and economic progress while accessing a trusted network, so companies can solve a very real problem in the face of climate change quickly, easily, and cost-effectively with no-code." Because everyone needs to understand the impact of their purchasing decisions.

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The Impact Footprint Reporting Tool utilizes impact-analysis technology that requires no more than a smartphone or browser to access. Applying Queen of Raw’s proprietary algorithm and scoring methodology to data about products, resources saved and offset waste can be identified and tracked, ensuring the authenticity of inventory data and quality of stock. This slows the overall rate of textile production and waste, keeps beautiful materials in circulation for longer, and gives consumers concrete information on the sustainability factor of each product. “Working with Queen of Raw on the Impact Footprint Reporting Tool is exciting because it allows everyone to participate in the circular economy,” said Casey van der Stricht, Principal, Solve Innovation Future.

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Buyers, sellers, consumers measure sustainable impact in e-commerce, track progress, get rewarded for better choices

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