Sitting on large volume of excess inventory globally? Take action + measure impact on Day 1.

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Reuse, Resell, & Recycle Excess
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Introducing our software, Materia MX.

Excess Inventory Management to increase your bottom and top lines around the world.

Because waste is not just environmentally irresponsible, it’s a CFO issue.


Sustainability, Compliance, & ESG:

  • Centralize and manage waste streams while enhancing transparency
  • Use the data in ESG reporting consistent with science-based standards
  • Share the measurable results with marketing to grow customer loyalty

Finance & Legal:

  • Control your sales and ROI from the palm of your hand
  • Use the data in financial and legal reporting to stakeholders
  • Visualize money, time, and resources saved with a record and proof

Design, Production, Materials, & Supply Chain:

  • Buy, sell, recycle, and donate deadstock quickly and easily
  • Set alerts, rules, and communications with automated task management
  • Reduce material and shipping costs while mitigating supply chain delays

Innovation, CIO, COO, & CTO:

  • Integrate into your existing systems and practices
  • Centralize and sync data, all in one place, all in real time
  • Automate and scale your initiatives with business intelligence

Queen of Raw is challenging the status quo
by driving sustainable change

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Christian Klein
Chief Executive Officer, SAP


I really was compelled by Queen of Raw and what they're trying to do in terms of leveraging waste
and incorporating that back into the industry that we all operate in

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Noel Kinder
Chief Sustainability Officer, Nike

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Materia MX - Manage, Monetize, and Measure Your Deadstock

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