Handwoven Vietnamese Silk Fabric Flower


Handwoven with hand spun silk fiber on a 19th century style Jacquard loom Hand dyed 35 inches wide Flower design. Fabric is two-sided with color combinations reversed. Because these unique silk textiles are made by hand, they will have variations and irregularities. These are not defects but an integral part of the silk.

Warehouse Country: VN
Warehouse City: Hoi An Town
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Silk is a natural protein fiber produced from the silkworm’s cocoon, and some forms can be woven into textiles. It takes around 3,000 silkworms consuming 104 kilograms of mulberry leaves to produce two pounds (one kilogram) of silk; the process lasts over three days. The result is a material that is light weight, soft and very absorbent, making it an ideal fabric for warmer countries. Silk was once considered extremely luxurious and thus available only to noble families. Now the fabric is widely used, and beautiful silk products are affordably to anyone. They make great souvenirs.

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