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Select a product on Queen of Raw and see the water, chemicals, carbon emissions, and waste you save by keeping it in circulation. Everything is measured by our proprietary algorithm and scoring methodology, developed with the support of Solve Innovation Future (MIT Solve’s groundbreaking philanthropic venture fund), backed with authenticity by our Raw Chain blockchain, and powered by our software Materia MX.

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Impact Footprint Report

For products on Queen of Raw, we take the content, weight, and delivery, and tell you the water, chemicals, carbon emissions, and waste offset by your purchase and compared across a range.


Carbon Impacts Offset Points


Water Impacts Offset Points


Chemical Impacts Offset Points


Waste Impacts Offset Points

Textiles' Footprint
  • One cotton tee shirt takes an average 700 gallons of water to produce.
  • That’s enough clean water for 1 person to drink for 3 years.
  • And that’s just 1 shirt. Over 2 billion shirts are sold around the world every year.

If we continue at the current pace of textile production, by 2025, two-thirds of the entire world’s population will face shortages of freshwater and be exposed to hazardous chemicals from textile production alone (World Wildlife Fund).

What You Can Do Today:

Buying deadstock fabric through Queen of Raw:

  • Creates a circular textile community
  • Avoids the creation of environmentally damaging synthetics.
  • Prevents quality fabrics from ending up in landfill.

Slowing down the world's water crisis and making these sustainable materials available to you, at any time, from any place, is our mission.

Casey Littlefield van der Stricht

Principal, Solve Innovation Fund at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

You can’t change what you can’t measure. At
Solve Innovation Future, we are proud to
support Queen of Raw in its pursuit of
a healthy future for us all.

Buy, Sell, and Recycle Sustainable Textiles in the Circular Economy and Measure Impact

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