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Power Your Fashion Without Coding

Imagine a world where fashion was fully responsive to our shifting needs. Where our clothing regulates our body temperature or adjusts to our moods. Where accessories change color to match the season’s pantone, or, better yet, your heart beat -- lighting up to express seeing that special someone. Where smart garments move with you and for you. What a world it would be.

With advancements in coding, this kind of world is not only possible, but in the works. Coding has enabled us to literally build a new future for this industry. Brands like Net-a-Porter and Zac Posen are doing amazing jobs at leveraging tech for their businesses -- from launching mobile apps to setting new trends for LEDs in fashion.

But what’s to say for those not on board the coding wagon? Fear not! We have the exclusive to help your ameteur coding needs.

“ I started 360Fashion Network as a mobile blogging, 360 degree overview on fashion…”

Innovative leaders in wearable technology since 2005, 360FASHION NETWORK, now over a decade in the game, have over 110,000 fashion industry professionals attend their annual expo to learn about the latest in technology. 2016 marks the launch of their new one-of-a-kind products that allow designers to create smart garments and accessories without the hassle of coding. This month, we sat down with Founder, Anina, to learn more.

“ We need to see it, touch it, feel it to then imagine how it can be better.”

The fashion industry is a tactile one. Anina believes that unifying tech entrepreneurs with leading fashion brands could provide an experience for everyone to re-imagine how the future could look, inspiring new and better ideas.

“ I live somewhere in the future…where all these things already exist and where they are seamless.”

She calls it the 360FASH TECH KITS and LED RIBBONS. These products are gateways for designers to incorporate new and innovative tech tools in their designs in their own creative ways, while bridging the gap between fashion and technology.

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