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It's About People, People

Every yard of Ground to Good™ fabric starts from the moment it's picked up as a plastic bottle. The goal? Create the most responsible fabric on the planet!

THREAD INTERNATIONAL fabrics start on the ground with hand collected bottles removed from the streets and canals of Haiti and Honduras (2.96MM to date!). These bottles are traded for cash at local collection centers, allowing people, like Dani, a homemaker with a young daughter, to earn extra money for groceries and school expenses. This is known as the "First Mile."

Then bottles are turned into bucks. For example, Gerome runs the Delmas 31 collection center near the Port-au-Prince airport. One of his three employees sorts the bottles before packing them in "supersacks." Once prepared and bundled, these bottles are piled high on a truck and transported to a recycling facility for processing.

Next it's all about the "flakes." Workers at each recycling facility unload and grind the bottles to make plastic flakes. Labels and caps are removed to prevent non-PET material from reaching later phases of the supply chain. High quality flake means superior fabric and ultimately a better livelihood for people in the First Mile.

Fibers can be spun and texturized to create a more substantial strand of yarn. Innovation in these steps allows recycled content to take the place of traditional materials, without compromising feel or flex. Yarn can then be woven or knit to create unique fabrics and textures.

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The process is cool, but who are the people who made this fabric possible? Here's one example of the lives touched by the fabric:

Mannique, a collection center owner, is as reliable, motivated, and outspoken as they come. He puts his energy to good use, actively mentoring other business owners in his neighborhood. Four years ago, Mannique was unemployed. Today his center is one of the highest grossing in the country and six people depend on him for work.

Not all fabric is created equal.

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