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29Rooms: A Love Story

"You don't have a plus one."

Which was presenting quite an issue as I had two glitzed up humans in tow. Thankfully exceptions were made at a flash of sequins by The Scarlet Bob and the velvet ropes welcomed us into 29Rooms: an incredible fashion immersion experience set in a huge Brooklyn warehouse. It is here that brands, in cooperation with Refinery29's vision, bring a personal dream world to life, initially for fashion's finest to enjoy and later opened to the public.

High fives and a sweep at the open bar before level one of the funhouse. Bright lights, endless aesthetic pleasure, every detail of Rooms 1 through 3 were taunting you to post. There was a machine that quite honestly scared me as much as it excited me: a hexagon of tiny little furry brushes (each motorized) that when you stood in front of them they would flip black from white and produce your silhouette--mindboggling to see in action.

We danced happily from half-ton hair dos to a sea of phones hanging from the ceiling where you'd put your ear to any of your choosing for inspired commentary on life and fashion. I know we must've looked wacky out of context, but I don't think I've ever felt cooler in my entire life than when I was listening to Lady Gaga talk (in my dreams 'to me') at me on the phone.

When confronted with the issue of spectacle one trick of the trade is bubbles. Floating into what could be argued was a bubble dungeon of sorts we were promptly equipped with hydration courtesy of Perrier and ushered along as we oohed and aahed. And what should follow a room filled with bubbles other than a room entirely of fur? Makes sense to me! Throw yourself up against the wall, sit on the...wait...what are those?...animals?...are there living, breathing monsters in here??? Ok, only cushions and faux fur bits, but for a second they really got me.

Dress up, mingle, laugh hysterically--the word SELFIE somehow always lingering--one more sweep at the bar for a cocktail that Anna Wintour would surely enjoy...then BALL PIT! Nicopanda ball pit?! My heavens, don't mind if I DO! We crashed in sending thousands of balls and plastic pandas flying through Room 8, or was it 9? I'd lost track at this point.

Scratch and sniff the walls of Room 15. Take some polaroids in a Michael Kors mini world, arts and crafts table located just behind the giant beams of light to pose in. Here take this lipstick and write funny messages on all these mirrors then checkout the 15 foot hair dryer! I was overwhelmed but did as I was instructed. Toward the end of the escapade my bubble was burst with the dreaded "cannot take photo, no space on phone" message that tends to frequent my device, but no matter, my team was buzzing around back to their favorite rooms to chat up fashion friends and play a little more. I took a second to try and process all the crazy, all the creativity, all the madness coupled with the genius of Piera Gelardi (creative director of Refinery29).

"God, I love Fashion Week."

I heard myself mutter, as if someone else had said it to me. And it's true, I love fashion. I love minds seeing endless possibility in everything. And I love what Queen of Raw is doing to keep that sky-is-the-limit attitude. This is only the beginning.

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