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Pyrates: Smart Textiles by Millennials for Millennials

Smart textiles are definitely on fire right now. But getting access to them is another story. This company is out to change the game for the millennial generation.

PYRATES offers brands and independent designers a range of fabrics with "smart properties" called PYRATEX®. What makes the fabrics unique are their active vegetal components that are not injected nor added; they are embedded in the fabric. This means they have no expiration date and do not wash away. PYRATEX® fabrics use recycled, natural, and biodegradable fibers and are produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

The young Founder & CEO, Regina Polanco, has made it her mission to find a fashion solution to the needs of the millennial generation: smart textiles that combine fashion, nature, and technology. And this womanpreneur is doing just that, already collaborating with ElektroCouture and recognized by Adidas and Intel as one of the most promising European fashion tech startups.

PYRATEX® fabrics provide not only comfort (as certified by scientists of various European institutes), but soothe the body, boost circulation and the immune system, and protect the wearer from free radicals and harmful solar UV rays. The fabrics absorb and evaporate 60% more water than other conventional fabrics and even encourage the body to absorb more oxygen.

PYRATEX® fabrics are ideal for underwear, sportswear, loungewear, activewear, and children and infants clothing. Regina is truly revolutionizing the athleisure uniform of today's millennial generation!

Get your hands on this collection of smart fabrics accessible by the yard HERE!

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