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Fashion from Food Waste

Think back to the last fruit or vegetable you ate. Did you know you can also wear it?

BIO-TRIMMINGS is the innovator of food-based, sustainable materials created with food scientists. They convert inedible food compounds (seeds, shells, peels, even cut-offs) into one-of-a-kind trims by hand.

The idea had been brewing for years. Founder, Hoyan Ip, saw how unsustainable the creative industry can be. After graduating from the prestigious University of Westminster in London, she challenged herself to help solve the problem, linking the solution with the growing concern of global food waste that also places increasing pressures on landfills.

Why fruits and vegetables? They are well-preserved, durable, and water-resistant. They also offer a diverse range of colors, shapes, and textures, which means the resulting sequins and buttons help you truly stand out.

Want your own food science + fashion? Find the latest collection HERE.

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