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Color for Summer? Who Would Have Thought...

Summer settles into our consciousness bringing a sense of freedom and exploration with it. Trips are inevitable, either abroad in search of foreign inspiration or even just making the drive to the beach with the gang: we find our center in changing the scenery every once and a while. The same is true in fashion. We need to mix up our materials, try new technology, and choose courageous colors. Don’t just think outside the box, destroy that box and dress it in some hues that can make even torn cardboard shine! Our summer color spectrum is curated just for you.

16-1548 Peach Echo

Think subdued orange in the shells at the beach, the most beautiful part of a tropical sunset when the sunlight can't decide between gold and bright pink. Peach Echo offers a warm sureness of itself that feminizes any look with an element of boldness.

12-0752 Buttercup

Perhaps the most confident of this year's palette, Buttercup isn’t afraid to inspire joy wherever it goes. Its iconic nature has us looking forward to suiting up for summer rains. Makes a sharp pairing with bold blues like turquoise or royal.

15-0146 Green Flash

Few colors give justice to adventure and exploration on the runway like green. An urbanized reference to nature, especially in a tropical sense, Green Flash reminds us that there are mysteries to uncover all around us, as close as our front lawns.

13-4810 Limpet Shell

Envision the dreamiest blue water that you ever could: When the sun is shining and reflecting a simultaneously faded and vidid wavy scene. Perfect for nailing the natural flow of a garment or calming down a jarring shape. Limpet Shell moves like the shore in a gown or can be a refreshing catwalk cocktail for looks with a lot of leg.

17-1564 Fiesta

Summer parties are unmatched by other seasonal events, there is always something to celebrate! The deep tone of the hibiscus flower from Hawaii, the decadence of a seaside daiquiri, Fiesta screams life of the party or queen of the night. Perfect as a grounding canvas for other summertime colors but most effective alone in a strong silhouette, Fiesta is possibly resort wear’s fiercest friend.

So get to your mood boards! Play play play in anticipation of la playa. Find ways to match that vodka watermelon or citrus mojito and take back the beach from monotonous all-black-all-the-time New York.

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