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Weirdest Fashion Trends of 2017

2017 has had its fair share of weird trends for fashion. And celebrities made weird things even trendier. But many people found these designs interesting and even entertaining. Have a look at some of the weirdest clothing trends that emerged in 2017.

Full-On Matching Tracksuits 

It may seem like certain trends are out of style forever, but, eventually, most of them come back – so it may be time to start uncovering some pieces out of your wardrobe! Gone are the days when celebrities and stylish models alike rocked those Juicy Couture matching tracksuits. You may have thought those trends are done forever, and that tracksuits should only be worn in the house when you want to be comfy, but it seems that they’re "on" again. At least according to Marc Jacobs and Fenty. Luckily, the popular styles in 2017 don’t seem to include as much confusion as the suits of the previous years.


When Crocs first hit the fashion industry, a lot of people were divided. Without a doubt, they were stylish, comfortable, and good if you were on your feet for long stretches of time. At the same time, they weren’t the most fashionable footwear choice. In fact, they were an item that fashion models were ashamed to admit they owned. It seems, though, that the fashion industry is trying to bring it back. Designer Christopher Kane sent models down the runway with Crocs on their feet rather than sky-high heels. Frankly, we’re not convinced, but who knows.

Zipper Jeans 

We’re not sure what it is about jeans that makes designers more motivated to try out crazy new things, but it seems to be a fashion trend in 2017. The brand Vetements is no stranger to fashion-forward designs, but they took the fashion world to an entirely new level with a pair of $1800 jeans and zippers. Lots and lots of zippers. Apart from the usual fly zipper, there are also zippers straight down the rear of the jeans, down the thighs, across the pockets, and more. If you ever wanted to wear jeans that look like they’ve been cut until they’re unwearable, jeans that are always one quick unzip away from a wardrobe breakdown, well, then, maybe this weird trend is for you.

We always say, when it comes to fashion, go big or go home! Find our fabrics for weirdest trends HERE.

The author of this article, Rachel Stinson, has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her, with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estate, restaurants, and ONLINE FASHION STORES with respect to pricing and people involved, and can express her opinions in an engaging manner.

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