Sell Your Excess Fabric Online and Turn your Excess Into Profit

Sell Your Excess Fabric Online and Turn your Excess Into Profit-

More than 120 billion dollars in textiles is wasted each year, burned in incinerators and sitting wasted in landfills. Just like the rescued fabrics in the picture above you can see how enormous the scale of this issue is. That's a huge problem for our environment, our air quality and water quality.

In fact, the textile industry, with its present business practices, contributes to our global pollution more than most other industries. It ranks second in adverse environmental impacts right behind the oil industry. Your profits and prices are also impacted because you don't make money from excess losses, burning and sending your materials to landfills.

How much of an impact can you make? Well, for starters, saving 1 yard of fabric saves 700 gallons of water. It's that easy to make a difference just by using what is already available and not throwing away perfectly good materials.

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