Sustainable Handwoven Black & Grey Stripe with Recycled Yarn from Bangladesh


Stylish black and grey stripe fabric handwoven with yarn recycled from garment factory scraps. No extra dyeing needed!


WIDTH: 40" / 102cm

CONTENT: 100% Recycled Yarn: approx. 90% cotton and 10% mixed fibres.

WEIGHT: 6oz / 165gsm approx. Medium weight.

CARE: Handwash or gentle cycle with similar colours. Air dry and iron whilst damp. For a more textured appearance tumble dry on low heat.

USES: tabletop, cushions, drapes, shirts, lightweight jackets, trousers, skirts and more.

ORIGIN: Bangladesh

ECO-CREDENTIALS: YARN - Recycled 100 and Global Recycled Standard PRODUCTION - Member of ECOTA Fair Trade Forum, the national fair trade accreditation in Bangladesh, itself accredited by the World Fair Trade Organisation WFTO.

Warehouse Country: US
Warehouse City: Illinois
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Ethically minded designers & makers create with total peace of mind using our ABSOLUTE collection of zero footprint fabrics. 100% recycled yarn (ZERO waste) is handwoven (ZERO carbon) by fair trade weavers (ZERO exploitation) in rural Bangladesh (ZERO migration). Together we respect weavers, build community and stop trashing our planet!

This fair trade fabric is handwoven with certified recycled yarn made from garment factory scraps. Coloured remnants are blended into fibre that's then spun into new yarn of the same colour. No extra dyeing needed so saving energy, water and land! A community of hand weavers in NW Bangladesh prepare the yarn and weave it into top quality handloom fabrics. Do be in touch to collaborate on your next sustainable fabric collection.

The uber-eco-friendly credentials of this gorgeous fabric are: 1. Every Kilogram (2.2lbs) of yarn saves 20,000 Litres (5,280 US gallons) of water, 200g (7oz) of pesticides & fertilizers, 2.7 Kg (6lbs) of dyes & chemicals, 3.2 kWh of energy and 11 Kg (24lbs) of CO2 equivalent. 2. Reduced landfill as scraps are recycled into yarn of the same colour, a value added product. 3. Both yarn and fabric are produced and transported efficiently in country using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles. 4. Numerous manual pre-weaving steps employ many village women both in their homes and at the production centre. These all have a near zero carbon footprint. 5. Handwoven fabric production is carbon neutral yet is dying as a traditional skill in Bangladesh. We believe the time is right to halt and, audaciously, turn that trend around. 6. Your investment in fair trade, handwoven fabrics yields the highest socioeconomic impact and the lowest environmental footprint possible. 7. You can create with total joy and peace of mind knowing you're bringing all kinds of good into the world with your great skills and wild imagination! Have at it!!

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