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The Future of Retail Is A New Business Model

For an industry that hasn’t changed much over the past 100 years, to co-founders Amanda Curtis and Gemma Sole of NINETEENTH AMENDMENT, this is an opportunity. And Nineteenth Amendment is ready!

They have made it their mission to bring a voice to fashion and change to the fashion industry. Through their platform, brands can launch their collections with 19 day pre-sales, using the least amount of upfront risk and capital required. Shoppers discover designers they can’t find anywhere else and vote with their wallets on exclusive collections at pre-sale prices.

With this approach, they have created a business model that is efficient and able to protect brands from the natural fluctuations of retail and the market. When you couple this with locally made, just-in-time production, you have a strategy that can survive just about anything!

We asked Amanda and Gemma their predictions for the future of fashion & design:

"Creativity is an intelligence not easily replicated by machines. In 15 to 20 years, when almost all other industries will be highly automated, creative industries will be even higher valued. You can copy a t-shirt, but you can't replicate an authentic story that inspires an amazing piece of design."

And the proof is in the pudding. They’ve worked with Macy’s and Disney, to name a few. And this New York Fashion Week, they have a great opportunity for independent designers. Nina Garcia, the Creative Director of Marie Claire and a Project Runway judge, is looking for a red carpet worthy outfit! Designers from anywhere can LEARN MORE and become a designer HERE.

Queen of Raw is proud to partner with Nineteenth Amendment. To find out more about starting your brand on Nineteenth Amendment, visit HERE.

Together we can change retail and the world!

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