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World’s leading smart jewelry brand TOTWOO launched a plug-and-play jewelry tech maker kit with U.S. fashion tech company, 360FASHION NETWORK, and QUEEN OF RAW.

The 360FASH TECH “TOTWOO LOVE” KIT is the first smart jewelry kit. It enables fashion and jewelry designers to easily create signature pieces of smart jewelry using Totwoo’s next generation TOTWOO INSIDE 2.0 smart core. The kit is the first in a series of wearable tech DIY kits enabling creatives to focus on design and integration as their first step into fashion tech without the need to code or solder.

The 360FASH TECH "TOTWOO LOVE" KIT includes all the hardware needed to make a connected jewelry piece: Totwoo Inside 2.0 smart core, 3D files, 3D printed base, Totwoo’s core, charger, glass cover, USB cable, instruction book, and an online help forum with a 1 year guarantee.

The Kit’s signature function is the “TOTWOO LOVE CODE” where two connected users can share their “virtual emotions” in real-time through the Totwoo App to vibrate and light up. Users can store their secret memories and receive alerts: “Take a Break,” “Fitness Tracker,” and “Incoming Call.”

The Totwoo Inside 2.0 smart core module is 5mm thick, has an integrating LED, motor, tri-axial accelerometer, is waterproof, has BLE technology, and has the same QI certified wireless charging technology that Apple uses. As Totwoo Founder, Wang, describes, "The jewelry evokes special moments and memories of life, and our technology has just made this more accessible. Smart jewelry should not work purely as a high-tech gadget or a fitness tracker, but also as an aesthetic way to create emotional connections and interactive experiences."

Based on the same technology as LOVE BLOOM, the new pendant launched for self-love and self-care for women in New York on May 30th at SAP Next Gen 10 Hudson Yards, the 360FASH TECH “TOTWOO LOVE” KIT gives jewelry designers the ability to launch themselves into this new millennial market of interactive wearables. "Empowering fashion designers with solid technology is the mission of 360Fashion Network. This kit allows creatives to focus on design and integration as their first step into fashion tech,” says Anina Net. “We also find that our kits attract and empower more women to experiment with technology.”

ANINA NET, CEO of 360Fashion Network, also presents her first Future Jewelry designs using 3D Printing to create her innovative jewelry. The jewelry is created in a modular way with the core’s centerpiece interchangeable from a pin, to a ring, to a pendant. “This first kit gives fashion designers, creatives, and jewelry brands a running start in the rapidly expanding self-care and smart jewelry markets,” says Anina Net. “Showcasing my modular jewelry designs to our kit’s customers gives them more ideas about how to design for the modern woman to suit their multi-tasking lifestyle.”


TOTWOO was born in 2015 by Jie Ming (Mats) Wang & Marco Dal Maso. Totwoo is the first jewelry brand in the world that makes the use of wearable technology to create interactive emotional experiences. Totwoo is also the first ever smart jewelry company that has developed the most number of functions and have realized mass production.


ANINA NET is a fashion model and fashion tech innovator who founded 360Fashion Network in 2005, an international company that supports global consumer and fashion brands in developing fashion technology; including the Intel CCTV 162 Smart Gloves aired to 1.3 billion people at Chinese New Year. The 360Fashion & Tech Events are global experiences that bring China, Europe, and USA fashion & tech companies together to create innovation. 360Fashion Network clients include Nokia, Samsung, Intel, IBM, and Microsoft.


QUEEN OF RAW is a New York-based tech startup focused on connecting designers with suppliers of innovative and sustainable raw materials. Co-founder Stephanie Benedetto comes from a family in the textile industry for over 100 years. She is co-host of the top-rated podcast, Material Is Your Business. A NASA/NIKE/IKEA/DELL Innovator and Finalist for The Fashion Group International Rising Star Awards, Queen of Raw is currently in Techstars and a member, along with Kering & Aveda, of Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network.

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